2024 Civil Engineering Board Exam Coverage

Civil Engineering CE Board Exam Coverage

What is Civil Engineering in the Philippines?

The practice of Civil Engineering in the Philippines includes the services in the form of consultation, design, preparation of plans, specification, estimates, implementation and supervision of the construction and/or demolition of civil works such as: streets, bridges, highways, tunnels, railroads, airports and hangars, port works, canals, shore improvements, docks, buildings, flood protection, water supply and sewerage works, and other work requiring civil engineering knowledge and application. A civil engineer is a person duly registered with the Board of Civil Engineers. (Article 1, Section 2 of RA. 544)

What is the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam?

The CE Board Exam is a technical examination required for applicants to practice Civil Engineering. It is usually conducted twice a year on the month of May and November. Applicants shall be examined by the discretion of the Board of Civil Engineers. The applicant must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Be at least twenty-one years of age on the date of the examination
  • Be a citizen of the Philippines
  • Be of good reputation and moral character; and
  • Be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from a school, institute, college or university recognized by the Government or the State wherein it is established
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What is the scope of the licensure exam?

The applicant shall acquire a general average of 70% with no grades lower than 50% in any given subject of the examination as follows: *Updated with TOS 2022*

Applied Mathematics, Surveying, Principles of Transportation and Highway Engineering, Construction Management and Methods - 35%

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  1. Calculus
    • Differential Equations
    • Integral Calculus
  2. Differential Equations
    • First Order Differential Equation
    • Higher Order Differential Equations
  3. Engineering Data Anaylsis
  4. Numerical Methods
  5. Physics for Engineers
  6. Engineering Economy
    • Present Economy Study
    • Time-Value Relations
    • Selection Among Alternatives: Present, Annual, and Future Worth; Internal and External Rate of Return Method
  7. Construction Surveying and Layout
  8. Materials for Construction
  9. Quantity Surveying
  10. Construction Occupational Safety and Health
  11. Transportation Engineering
    • Highway Engineering
      • Highway and Urban Transportation Planning and Economics
      • Driver, Vehicle, Traffic and Road Characteristics
      • Highway Design
      • Traffic Engineering and Highway Operations
      • Road and Pavement Design
    • Airport Engineering
    • Ports and Harbors
    • Bridges
  12. Construction Management Principles and Methods
    • Engineering Relations and Ethics
    • Contracts & Specifications
    • Construction Project Organization
    • Planning and Scheduling (PERT/CPM)
    • Construction Estimates
    • Construction Methods & Operations
    • Construction Equipment Operations and Maintenance

Hydraulics and Principles of Geotechnical Engineering - 30%

  1. Fluid Mechanics
    • Properties of Fluids
    • Hydrostatics
    • Fluid Flow Concepts and Basic Equations
    • Viscous Flow and Fluid Resistance
    • Ideal Fluid Flow
    • Steady Flow in Closed Conduits
    • Steady Flow in Open Channels
  2. Buoyancy and Flotation
  3. Relative Equilibrium of Liquids
  4. Hydrodynamics
  5. Soil Mechanics and Foundation
    • Soil Properties and Classification
    • Fluid Flow through Soil Mass
    • Soil Strength and Tests
    • Stresses in Soil Mass
    • Bearing Capacity
    • Compaction
    • Consolidation and Settlement
    • Soil Improvement
    • Lateral Earth Pressures
    • Slope Stability
  6. Water Supply Soil Properties

Principles of Structural Analysis and Design- 35%

  1. Engineering Mechanics
    • Statics of Rigid Bodies
    • Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
    • Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
    • Strength of Materials
  2. Reinforced Concrete Beams and Columns
    • Steal Beams, Columns, Footings and Connections
    • Prestressed Concrete Beams
  3. Construction Materials Testing
  4. Application of the Governing Codes of Practice

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  1. How many questions are there?

    1. 200 questions 75 math 50 fluids 75 structural

    2. How many items should answer correctly atleast to pass the boards?

    3. 70% general avg for the whole exam and no less than 50% each for math, fluids, and structural

  2. is this the complete coverage for the exam?

    1. Yes! Pointers for CE Board exams are listed here.

    2. Wala po bang geotech eng'g topics under hydraulics and geotechnical eng'g? Confirm lng po

    3. Hi, coverage for CE Board Exam 2022 is already updated.

  3. Is two-way slab design part of the CE board exam? Or does the two-way slab design appeared in the past CE board exams?

  4. Hello. Does this coverage will be the same for May 2022 Civil engineering exam?

  5. This will all the examination for civil engineering?

    1. Hi. Yes, this is already updated for the May 2022 CE Board Exam

  6. How about November boards?
    Is it still desame?

  7. May update na po sa Nov 2022 Board Exam?

  8. same lang din po ba ito para sa Nov 2022?

    1. The new TOS will be applicable for the May 2022 board exams and onwards. There might be some changes with the upcoming exams but it will be probably minimal.

  9. Under Calculus po, differential equation po ba talaga? o typo lang?

  10. Sa structural po, wala ng theory?

    1. Pasok man yan sa Statics of Rigid Bodies na Structural Theory

  11. Hi po nagbabago po ba ito every year ? or minimal lang naman po ang nababago ?

  12. Even 60 years old na po ba pwede pang mag take ng board exam?

  13. Pls re-confirm po, mawawala na po ba mga subject na nabangit kagaya ng Algebra, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Descriptive and Solid Geometry,
    At talagang mag sisimula sa Calculus up to Construction Management? Thank you po

    1. The TOS should only serve as a guide. There might be topics that may appear on the board exam that isn't included in the TOS.

  14. How many items po per category ng CE board: HGE, MATH, SEC?

  15. saan po mahahanap yung TOS 2022? paano po ba yun maaccess? Thank you po

  16. Wala na po bang lumabas nung May 2022 na algebra to analytic since yung nasa list ng mga topics ay nag-start sa calculus?
    At nasusunod po talaga ang mga topics nayan?

  17. Is there a schedule board exam this Nov 2022

  18. How many hour po in every Category of CE Board Exam?

  19. How about po sa November 2023.. Ano po ung preferred na coverage?

  20. how about po sa Nov. 2023 ano po ung preferred na coverage?

  21. How many times po akong pwede magretake ng CELE if ever na hindi ako makapasa?

  22. Hello, nagamit pa po ba ng NSCP 2001 for 2023 boards? or NSCP 2015 only lang yung codes?

  23. Totoo po bang dapat naka enroll muna sa review center bago pwede mag board exam? Planning po kasi ako mag self study lang kasi.


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